American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Dr. Diao led the American Society for Surgery of the Hand Biannual Corporate Advisory Council meeting in Chicago, on December 3rd - December 4th.  Dr. Diao is the Chairman of the Corporate Advisory Council and the Commercial Support Committee.  He was joined by Dr. Steve Lee of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York as the new co-chair.  He was joined on the ASSH side by ASSH past president, vice president, CEO, AFSH President, and other leaders.  Corporate leaders from a half dozen corporations that have generally supported the ASSH missions of research, education, and outreach also participated. 

Here are some of the topics we discussed;

The next Corporate Advisory Council meeting will be in May 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dr. Diao will continue his leadership for hand surgery education and innovations on a national level at that meeting.

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