Brad Eaton Memorial Lectureship

April 26-27,2013

I had the pleasure to return to my fellowship institution, the CV Starr Hand Center, at the Roosevelt Hospital. It is the oldest training program for Hand Surgery in the United States--a venerable one at that.  Started by J William Littler, the program has had a major impact in the US and globally. He was one of the original Founding members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.  It has been continued for four decades by Richard G. Eaton and is now directed by Steven V. Glickel.  The occasion for my visit was the Brad Eaton Memorial Lectureship weekend to acknowledge the Eaton Family.
I had the opportunity to see many colleagues and friends, to listen to their lectures and to deliver my lecture: Iconoclasts and the Roosevelt Hand Service.  I paid homage to my mentors in motivating me to be inventive and creative in my thinking and in the research I have done in my career.
Dinner for the group was at the iconic New York Athletic Club after the Friday lecture, and after the Alumni program on Saturday, there were lobster rolls and wine from Luke's Lobster at the Todd English Plaza Food Court, which was taken across the street to Central Park, to be shared with David Ruch the Visiting Professor and his wife.  It was a fabulous spring day in NYC with all the flowers blooming, sunny, dry--picture perfect weather.
Dinner was with friends at Quality Meats, one of my favorite NYC restaurants. The 44-ounce Sirloin steak bone-in is outrageous, as was everything else we ordered. Leonardo DiCaprio ended up in the table next to us…until they moved him to a more private setting!
If you are in New York, I highly recommend these venues to check out!

Originally posted on May 14, 2013

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