College Notes: An A Cappella Performance Celebrating Bright Minds & Voice - March 9-11, 2017

Thanks to the sponsorship of Kaiser Permanente, one of the producers of the film,"Pitch Perfect" served as Master of Ceremonies for a line of top collegiate a cappella bands from across the country…and I do mean across the countries. Groups from Harvard, Yale, Penn, University of Michigan, Clairmont colleges and Tufts participated at the Collegiate Jamboree.


University of Michigan G-Men, "A Cappella 2017 Tournament West Finals"

My favorite was the University of Michigan G-Men, but that is because my son Conrad is the president of the group.  I had the opportunity to house these college musicians, during their stay in the Bay area.  For many this was their first trip to San Francisco.  In addition to the Collegiate performances, the following day was the high school regional competition and the University of Michigan G Men served as judges, hosts, and provided entertainment between the various.


Conrad Diao, Top row 3rd  from the right

The Michigan G-Men performing Mr. Brightside

The Michigan G-Men performing Mr. Brightside (opb The Killers) at Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California for "College Notes: An A Cappella Performance Celebrating Bright Minds & Voices"

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