Dr. Diao Hosts Enterprise High School Student (EHSS)

On Friday, July 26th, I had the pleasure of presenting our summer intern, Thant, with his diploma at the graduation ceremonies for the Enterprise for High School Students Career Exploration Program. This fantastic educational program gives high school students from the San Francisco Bay Area an opportunity to work as an intern at an actual workplace. Enterprise has a fantastic program to train and support these youngsters and introduce them to what the working world is like.  I have had the pleasure of being a Career Exploration Program training site for over a dozen years and have been a member of the board of directors for Enterprise for the last six years.

Thant did a great job particularly considering that he has only been in the United States for two years. He and his family emigrated from Burma, a.k.a.. Myanmar, to seek more opportunity and a better life. He did a great job in helping out the office and helping me document photographically some of my surgical techniques. Here are some pictures of Thant on that day and a link to the Enterprise for High School Students website. This is worthy cause if you have any interest in making a financial donation or providing hourly jobs for posting or being a training site for youngsters like these in the future.

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