Trip to Asia (Part 2)

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being invited as the keynote speaker for the Kyushu Society for Surgery of the Hand Annual Meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.  Having trained eight surgeons from Fukuoka during my time as Chief of Hand Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco, I was delighted to participate in a special dinner with five of these trainees, now several of them being senior surgeons at the University and in private clinics throughout Japan.  The next day I participated in an extensive program with forty-three papers presented, a lunch time symposium presented by one of my former trainees, and had the opportunity to close the meeting with my keynote address on "Recent Advances in Hand Surgery."  I had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional multi course dinner with the organizing committee for the Society.  

As an added bonus I participated in a tradition with the Kyushu hand surgeons, mainly some round robin tennis.  More grueling and enjoyable sets later, we sat down to a casual but delicious lunch with all the players.  

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