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In our office, we are happy to offer a personalized approach to upper extremity conditions. I offer the latest techniques for traumatic injuries. Many non-traumatic conditions I manage non-operatively with customized treatment plans that includes home exercises and often with the assistance of therapists.

In terms of surgical techniques, I offer many that are relatively unique to me and my practice. I have a strong focus on endoscopic, arthroscopic, and limited incision techniques. I feel these can deliver superior results compared to those that can be obtained through “traditional” techniques. These rely on large incisions, with concomitant tissue trauma and requiring extended rehabilitation.

Conditions that I use these techniques for include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome at the wrist

  • Cubital tunnel syndrome at the elbow

  • Wrist and carpal bone fractures

  • Wrist arthritis

  • Elbow tendonitis

  • Elbow arthritis

  • Shoulder pain due to impingement

  • Shoulder pain due to rotator cuff tendinosis

  • Trigger finger

  • Wrist tendonitis

  • Basal joint thumb arthritis

  • Distal biceps tendon ruptures at the elbow.

In terms of Dupuytren’s contractures, I offer xiaflex collagenase injection treatments in the office, as well as open surgical techniques that I think are maximally effective for more advanced cases of contracture.

I have X-ray imaging via fluoroscopy and soft tissue imaging via ultrasound right in my office. We look forward to providing care for you.

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