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Hand fractures are one of the most common types of fractures, often occurring after a fall or during an accident. With this type of fracture, proper healing is essential to preserve the normal function of the hand. In some cases, surgery is necessary. Dr. Edward Diao offers treatment for patients with hand fractures in Union Square, San Francisco, California. To learn more about treatment for hand fractures, please contact Dr. Edward Diao today.


Hand Fractures Q & A

Why do hand fractures occur?


There are 27 bones in the hand. Any of them can fracture, or break, if you put them under too much stress. Hand fractures often happen when you use your hand to catch yourself in a fall. You may also get a hand fracture in a sports accident or car crash.

No matter what the cause of your hand fracture, it’s important to seek treatment right away. Without the right treatment, the bones in your hands may not heal properly, leading to ongoing problems.


When is surgery necessary?


Surgery isn’t necessary for every patient with a hand fracture. However, you may need surgery to repair your fracture if:

  • Pieces of bones are moving or unstable

  • Surrounding ligaments or nerves are damaged

  • The fracture extends into a nearby joint

  • Loose bone fragments could enter a nearby joint

  • The fracture is open, and associated with a skin and soft tissue laceration in addition to the fracture.

Dr. Diao has instant imaging available in his office using fluoroscopic technology, this accompanies his thorough exam. If necessary, Dr. Diao will order imaging studies and perform a thorough exam to decide if you need surgery to repair your hand fracture. He will also explain the different surgical treatment options available to you before scheduling the procedure.


How does surgery help with hand fractures?


The purpose of surgery is to ensure that the bones heal in the right amount of time and with the proper alignment. During the surgery, Dr. Diao will implant screws, rods, plates, or pins designed to hold your bones in the right position while they heal.


Dr. Diao always tries to use the least invasive surgical approach possible when treating hand fractures. He has many years of experience repairing these injuries, and he can make sure that your surgery is as easy on you as it can be. He’ll also explain all of your activity restrictions and aftercare instructions in detail to support the healing process.


Is hand surgery safe?


Surgery always carries certain risks, such as infection or bleeding. You may also be unable to use your hand temporarily after the procedure. However, for many patients with hand fractures, the benefits of surgery well outweigh the risks. In addition, Dr. Diao is an experienced, highly trained surgeon, so he knows how to perform these procedures safely.





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