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New technique for Nerve Conditions

Many people have been interested in finding out about limited-incision or endoscopic nerve decompression. Endoscopic carpal tunnel release has been performed by me for over 20 years. I have personally developed some of the “best in practice” techniques currently used. I have trained many surgeons nationally and internationally on how to efficiently and safely use these techniques. I have done hundreds of decompressions in this way with excellent results. I am an author of a double-blinded randomized study (the most scientific and best kind of clinical study) on the use of endoscopic carpal tunnel release. The incisions used are smaller, placed away from the palm, and short-term recovery in terms of pain and disability is reduced by 50% using endoscopic techniques over conventional open carpal tunnel release. The trick is to carry out these techniques safely, which I have been able to do.

Recently, endoscopic techniques have been developed for cubital tunnel release. This is a condition where the ulnar nerve is compressed at the elbow. This allows me to reduce a 10-cm long incision from the inside of the elbow to only a 1-cm incision. Additionally, endoscopic techniques actually allow better visualization of the key structures involved in decompressing the ulnar nerve. I now have many patients who have had successful releases, and some of their testimonials are seen here on this website. I have used all of the available commercial techniques and now have developed a consistent, reproducible and efficient method of performing cubital tunnel release in patients with ulnar nerve symptoms. The vast majority have complete resolution of their pain, numbness, and weakness. I am happy to make these cutting edge techniques available for my patients and will be happy to discuss this in the office.

Originally posted on August 7, 2012

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