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Touching Hands Project - San Francisco Surgery Center, November 11th, 2017

On Nov 11, 2017 16 volunteers made a day of free surgery for uninsured patients that were hand, wrist, arm candidates. The facility, the anesthesia, the surgery, and the ancillary services were all donated at no cost to the patients. Surgical equipment and implants were also donated by Stryker Corporation. Dr. Edward Diao organized the event on behalf of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Mary Beth (stryker), Dr. Diao, Shayne

It was a great event,” said Shayne Connelly, Dr. Diao’s Practice Manager. “Spirits were high amongst the volunteers because the patients were so grateful. This was a special way to give back to the community. People are looking forward to doing it again and encouraging others to join in.”

Dr. Diao and the team completed four complex surgeries during the mission:

1. The conversion of a fused wrist with no motion x25 years in a 59 y.o male to a mobile artificial wrist by reconstruction with a Total Wrist implant of metal and polyethylene (Stryker Remotion System).

2. The lengthening of a congenitally shortened 5th finger in a 33 y.o female by a sliding oblique metacarpal bone osteotomy with fixation using plates screws and pins (Stryker ReMotion System).

3. The exploration of a chronic nerve injury leading to thumb and wrist paralysis 6 months after a fall in a 37 y.o male by exploration and excision of a damaged muscle causing nerve compression.

4. A carpal tunnel release with limited incision techniques in a 60 y.o female via an endoscopic surgical tool (MicroAire tool and Stryker Video Tower System).

Please stay tuned for a documented video.

To view more photos click here!

Special thanks to all the medical staff that volunteered their time into making this project happen!

SFSC Surgery Center

Medical Stafff Volunteers

The Touching Hands Project is an outreach program of philanthropy sponsored by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) and the American Foundation for Surgery of Hand (AFSH0. Dr. Edward Diao was the team leader for the San Francisco site, which was joined by Atlanta Georgia, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and earlier in the year, Nashville Tennessee as the other sites for this nationwide initiative.

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