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Australian Hand Surgery Society/American Society for Surgery of the Hand; Sydney, Australia

I had the pleasure of being on the program committee for the Australian Hand Society and American Society for Surgery of the Hand 2016 combined meeting in Sydney, Australia. There was outstanding representation from the US side with 71 registrants, along with over 200 registrants from around the world. This 3-day conference featured much interaction between Australian and American participants as virtually all of the symposia and moderated sessions had combined participation. I was happy to be moderator on the first morning session on tendon injuries and later that day presented in a symposium on tendonitis and tendinopathies. There was lively interaction at every facet of this meeting and an excellent opportunity to interact with both my American Society for Surgery of the Hand and Australian Hand Surgery Society colleagues and friends. We had a very nice affair on breaks and lunches and a welcome reception and an opulent conference dinner at Jones Bay Wharf with views of Sydney harbor.



Sydney is a beautiful location and being my first time in Australia I took full advantage of being there. A day long bike ride/bike tour brought one too many different neighborhoods, the harbor, the wharf area with the arts district, the Darling Harbor massive build out that was in part for the Sydney Olympics and continuing further, traditional areas such as the Haymarket Theater District and Chinatown and the beautiful Hyde Park and botanical garden areas, weaving to the iconic Sydney Opera House, a breathtaking building indeed. And of course, interaction with the affable and congenial Australians is always a pleasure and to do it at the home port was fantastic.


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