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First Double Hand Transplant

At 2, Zion Harvey had both his arms and legs amputated due to an infection. Early this month, 8-year-old Zion had received a successful dual hand transplant from a 40-person medical team in Philadelphia. The surgery involving the reconnection of his arteries, veins, muscles, tendons, and nerves took nearly 11 hours. However, ABC News sources say that "Doctors are hopeful that the new hands for Zion Harvey, 8, will hold up during his lifetime, but they also acknowledged that he is in uncharted territory. " A look at the video below shows this little boy with the greatest attitude and a beautiful smile.

This entry was prepared by Gigi Lu, an Enterprise for High School Students (EHSS) summer intern taking part in the EHSS Career Exploration Program. Founded in 1969, EHSS is a non-profit organization with a mission to prepare San Francisco high school students for future success in the workplace and higher education. They offer hundreds of opportunities for youth to develop life skills through engagement in work. Dr. Diao has sponsored EHSS students for 17 years in the Career Exploration Program at UCSF, in his private office, and at the San Francisco Surgery Center, and has served as an EHSS board member for 6 years.

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