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Dr. Diao Attends OneMedForum NY

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I had the opportunity to attend the OneMedForum Conference in New York City on June 26-27th, 2013. This organization puts the best of emerging companies in health care together with experienced analysts, bankers, financiers, and consultants. At the most recent meeting discussions, the future of health care in the US and globally were featured. I have attended the San Francisco meetings the last three years and I was invited to participate in the NYC meeting for the first time. I met some key players in the health care world and have new insights as to what the future holds with the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obama care or Obamaney care depending on your viewpoint). It was worth the trip to NYC to participate in this conference, especially at this critical time in our nations health care future.


The OnemePlace Finance Forums held at the beginning

of January in San Francisco and mid-summer

in New York provide a platform for early stage venture

companies and microcap public companies to

showcase unique technology in front of a group of

focused investors in the space."

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