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Master's in Nerve Repair Roundtable Discussion - San Francisco, CA. - April 23rd, 2016

On April 23rd, 2016 I had the pleasure of participating in a roundtable discussion regarding nerve injuries, nerve repair and nerve regeneration. It took place at the Hyatt Embarcadero and the hosts were Greg Bunke and Bauback Safa from the Bunke Clinic based at the California Pacific Medical Center Davies Campus, where I have operating privileges as well and interact with these physicians. We had representatives from throughout the country who are at the forefront of nerve surgery and nerve regeneration from New York, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Washington University St. Louis, Texas Children’s Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami, Northwestern University, and UCLA. We showed each other challenging cases, new technologies, and a focus on changing the paradigm of nerve surgery using some new technologies and new approaches. There was a nice reception before the meeting and then a dinner at the Epic Steak House that evening. This was an excellent interchange and we appreciated the sponsorship by AxoGen Company and look forward to more interaction between the faculty.

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