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UCSF Lectures & Programs

I had the pleasure of attending the UCSF Orthopedic Surgery Inman Lecture given by my friend, Kevin Louie, M.D. on 5/21/2024. He talked about his career and change as we age and suggestions on how to best navigate the changes.

This week I attended the 8th Annual Rosenman Institute Healthcare Symposium, “Innovating Health Access: A new Era for the Future.” Nick Kristof, famed journalist and fellow college alum of mine, gave an excellent keynote lecture tied in with his new book, “A Case for Hope.”

Nick Kristoff

Nick Kristoff

My college and residency friend Jeff Kang, M.D. was a featured moderator and panelist of a “Healthcare Policy in 2025 and beyond.”

Jeff Kang, M.D.

I also attended a talk regarding “AI and the workforce” with insights from the Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft.

"AI and the workforce"

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