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The Bronx High School of Science - May 9th, 2018 San Francisco, CA

I attended the Bronx High School of Science and had the pleasure of participating in a local event held in San Francisco in honor of the 80th anniversary of this public New York City high school. People from many generations attended this reception. 75+ alums were in attendance. We had the opportunity to hear from one of the 80 “Hall of Fame” alumni, Larry Kessler, who is a computer science giant. His most notable achievement was coming up with the “cut and paste” options that we all use regardless of what device or platform we are on. We also heard from 3 recent graduates who are attending colleges in the west coast at Stanford and University of California Berkeley. They were great speakers and great ambassadors for the ongoing success of Bronx Science and its graduates.

Some amazing statistics were shared; 33,000 applicants apply for 750 slots in each incoming grade. 47% of the households are below the poverty level. There are now 44 sports teams at Bronx Science that enjoy funding and support from the Department of Education of NYC.

We learned that there is 300 dollars per student to cover all the other activities including art, music, trips, graduation, and prom, which is why there is interest in the Parents Association and Alumni Association helping to support the school.

It was a great evening and I got to meet some alums who still have their Bronx Science jackets and buttons which they proudly wore to the event!

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