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Trip to Asia (Part 1)

I had the opportunity to travel to Taipei, Taiwan and spend the day at New Deantronics, Inc. This 600-employee medical device company produces products for the global healthcare market. It started in California and Taiwan and has been steadily expanding and growing. In addition to working with established global healthcare companies, it is also involved in developing new technologies and products with start-up companies. I had the opportunity to visit and tour the facilities with the founder Jane Liu and the President, Michael Blomeyer. The building that the company is housed in has won many awards and is an innovator in terms of space for employees to dine, convene, exercise, and to meditate. It is located in New Taipei City and is across the street from one of the many buildings owned by Foxconn, the electronics manufacturing giant.



In the afternoon I had the opportunity to work one on one with the engineering team to discuss ideas for innovation in terms of products for the care of conditions in the extremities. New Deantronics is involved as a partner in developing and manufacturing these products.

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