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Wilson Bost Interurban Club Meeting, San Diego, CA - April 21-22nd

The Wilson Bost Interurban Club features members that are elected and nominated from the California Senior Orthopedic Surgeon Community. There are currently 40 active members. The annual meeting rotates between Northern and Southern California.

This year’s meeting was held in San Diego. We enjoyed some spectacular lectures at University of California San Diego, at Scrips Clinic, and at RADY Children’s Hospital.

We were given a state of the university update by the Chancellor of UC San Diego, and the Southern California members gave us a slate of excellent presentations over 1-1½ days.

We enjoyed the mealtime discourse and fare as well. The lunch was held at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, complete with decades worth of historical photographs and trophies, right on the bay into the Pacific Ocean. The dinner was held at the Lodge at Torrey Pines.

The camaraderie was excellent and the information flow was great. I administered a questionnaire regarding electronic medical records to the participants, and received great responses.

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